About me

 It first started as a child’s hobby for this young Phildelphiaian, who would watch her favorite cartoons or look at the book illustrations from her academic reading assignments and would begin to draw. Trying to duplicate the exact images that captivated her, Brittany started to teach herself the fundamentals of drawing at 8.  A hobby turned into an investment when Brittany sold her first art piece called “Blush” at Art Noir Orgnatz Gallery at 12. Her parents, stunned by her skill, began to invest more in their daughter’s talent.  Brittany received formal training by enrolling in Fleisher Art Memorial and Young Artists Workshop Moore College of Art and Design during her middle and high school years.


Brittany continued her creative journey at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts. It was also during this time she interns with Baltimore Clayworks and Jubilee Arts. After nine years in a career in Youth program development, Brittany is currently aiming for her Master of Science in Project Management to expand in Art management. Brittany Specializes in Graphic Design, Pastel, and Photography. You will find mixed media amongst her artwork, for she loves to experiment with different mediums

Brittany Laws

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